IDM’s property management arm specialises in the operational every-day business of owning and managing a buy-to let property. Our team have over 40 years experience in property management and we cover anything from single private properties to entire freeholds of mixed use buildings.

Essentially, we are there to advise our clients and ensure the obligations of any contracts are fulfilled by both parties, including regular payments and any essential maintenance and repairs. A smooth running tenancy comes down to a clear understanding of the responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord; an area we have a huge amount of knowledge and practice in. This, alongside regular communication means expectations can be managed, and we use our experience to find resolutions with ease.

When it comes to the upkeep of your property, IDM estates are the first point of contact for your tenant and will always promptly identify who is responsible for an issue or what maintenance needs to take place. We like to get things done quickly, professionally and with as little disruption as possible to all involved.

In the event maintenance work needs to take place, IDM Estates have access to a network of skilled, respectable and reliable contractors – such as plumbers, decorators and electricians – who can resolve issues within a timely fashion. We work on behalf of our landlords to achieve a resolution that meets the required standard at the best possible price.

Rent Arrears
This is a delicate subject and one that most tenants fear. IDM Estates use a dedicated system that keeps track of rent payments and is designed to identify late payments before arrears get out of hand.

In the event that regular payments are being missed, we have experience of handling such situations and can offer vital advice and assistance if this does occur. We have an understanding of the complicated laws and procedures of recovering unpaid rent and the process of evicting a non-paying tenant.

Contractual Disputes and Queries
How do I serve notice? Who is responsible for the ground rent? How much of my deposit is due back? These are just some of the questions that fall under this category and it’s not unusual to get regular queries like this from your tenants.

It is our job to know the answers to these questions and keep up to date with legislation. We can   filter and address these queries for our landlords saving precious time and endless research, especially on matters that are complicated or require specialist knowledge.

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